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Nancy McQuaide
Account Payable Manager
(580) 357-6900 X2075
Emily Means
(580) 357-6900
Kenton Means
Multimedia Assistant
(580) 357-6900
Felisha Mendez
Project Aware Program Manager
(580) 357-6900 X2017
Jonathan Moore
School Marshall
Thomas Morgan
School Marshall
Mike Morris
Print Shop Manager
(580) 357-6900 X2183
Nickie Singleton
(580) 357-6900
Jaime Murillo
School Marshall
Sarah Nix
Administrative Assistant
Human Resources
Mary Oliver
Computer Technician
Victoria Orndorff
Video Production Manager
(580) 357-6900 X2140
Vanessa Perez
Technology Specialist
(580) 357-6900 X2126
Susan Perry
Literacy Specialist Leader
(580) 357-6900 X2056
Jeremie Ploof
Database Administrator
(580) 357-6900 X2124
Dana Reese
Adimistrative Assistant
Sheila Relf
Purchasing Agent
(580) 357-6900 X2076
Shawn Roberts
Computer Technician
(580) 357-6900 X2121
Ellen Robinson
Federal Programs Budget Coordinator
Federal Programs
(580) 357-6900 X2098
Joseph Robinson
Computer Technician