Eisenhower High School is hosting a virtual Game of Life on Tuesday, November 15th. This event will give students a taste of life beyond high school in this real-world Game of Life-based on the popular board game. Students get a career, salary, and family to provide for. Along the way, they encounter expenses like housing, health, cars, and insurance. They have to juggle wants and needs to meet their monthly budget. By the end of the game, they will have learned how career choices can impact a person's lifestyle and bank account.  Some of the essential questions the student will take away are:

  • How do the choices we make after high school impact the kind of life we lead?

  • What do I want my career path to look like?

Learning Goals: Evaluate education and career goals for the impact they have on the quality of our lives. 

Tuesday evening, the virtual game of life will be open for the community and family members to come through and experience what their students are experiencing.  

This will be hosted in the Eisenhower High School Gymnasium, so come out and join us.